Mylor Sessions Present
The Fabulous Ben Waters and his Band Saturday 6th July 2019
Tickets £15 from Mylor Stores (cash only)
Tickets are available at Mylor Stores and online

The gates will open at 6.30pm, the music will start from 7.30pm and finish around 10.30pm.

Seated & standing

We’re excited to tell you about our summer show on Saturday 6th July. We have been given permission to put the Big Top on the playing field next to the Ord Statter Pavilion, a gorgeous location for what will be a fabulous summer Saturday night out with great music, a bar and lovely food.

Our star attraction will be Ben Waters and his band whom many will have seen when he tore Tremayne hall apart at Mylor Sessions last Christmas and the Christmas before that. Sadly for us and for music lovers everywhere, Ben will be retiring from live shows later this year but I’m thrilled to say that before he does he’s agreed to do one final show for us down here in Mylor. It should be an absolutely stonking night in a beautiful location by the water so please do get your tickets straight away, it’ll really help us in our planning for such a big event.

Ben Waters Videos ( Click to view videos )

Ben Waters – Melting Pot

Ben Waters – Allright: OK, you win

Visit the Ben Waters website HERE