Hi folks,

What a year it’s been for everyone. Having no Mylor Sessions shows is certainly the least of it but we all hope there’s an ever brightening light at the end of the tunnel and 2021 will bring us a return to something resembling normality and better times for all.

Thanks to everyone who supports Mylor Sessions. Our ethos is simple – we strive to bring some great acts to Mylor, you buy the tickets, the profits benefit local causes, everyone wins. To date we’ve been able to support many local causes as well as some works on both Tremayne Hall and The Ord Statter Pavilion, two great facilities that help make our village such a good place to live in.

SEATING – always look on the website to see the seating format for the show. It’s not a theatre and we don’t have the facilities that concert goers and artists may be used to. There’s no reserved seating. It’s first come, first served and the number of seats we put in depends on the type of show. If there’s a reason you must have a seat please let us know and we’ll make sure you’re well looked after. If you see someone who needs a seat more than you please do give it up.

Much love and best wishes to everyone and big thanks for your continued support to Mylor Sessions,

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